Pray for Dasah

Transformation Love lost a dearly beloved mother last week. Emawayesh has been sick ever since we have known her, nearly passing several times, however God healed her time and time again. 

Dasah, her daughter pictured here with her, became one of the first children sponsored through Transformation Love. She is now beautiful teenager and is still a part of Transformation Love. 

We are grateful for her sponsors and for the Transformation Love family that have supported and cared for Emawayesh and Dasash so faithfully. 

We thank God that Dasah will be able to live with her aunt and continue to receive love and support through Transformation Love.

In Christ, Pastor Dennis & Sherry Hadley

Food For Our Friends

Many Ethiopians live in poverty on a daily basis, but COVID-19 has made life harder than ever. 

The people we serve, survive by doing day labor.

Jobs like construction, house cleaning, sewing, cooking, selling goods have all been impacted by shelter at home orders in Ethiopia and the cost of living has skyrocketed.

Transformation Love is responding to this crisis by providing much needed food supplies. 


We have been distributing truck loads of food to families in desperate need. 


We love our Ethiopian friends and hope and pray for God's continued protection and provision.

Thank You For Your Support!