Media Videos and Reports

Check out these three videos!
This is a testimony from one of our Transformation Love volunteer workers and mother!

This is a testimony from two guys from North Carolina who visited last summer.
They speak of the deep ministry and love being poured out
to the children and families. It is worth listening to.

The following is a testimony link for Tamara from Houston.
She had the opportunity to visit and experience the ministry of Transformation Love
first hand. Following this interview, she spent the next six monthes working
alongside Transformation Love on the ground in Ethiopia.!/video/video.php?v=2286329716554

Our Last Summer Mission Team Report

We just returned from Ethiopia! And what a trip! 
We had a team of 18 people from California, North Carolina, and Texas
working together with the Transformation Love staff in Ethiopia!
The ministry was amazing!
Sherry and I are so blessed to see the incredible transformation the children and
their families are experiencing through the ministry of Transformation Love.
The team visited homes of both sponsored and unsponsored children and the
difference is dramatic. The ministry is working very well. God is so good!
The team helped the staff with three major events.
First we held a training day for the mothers to learn how to better care for their children.
Teaching them things like nutrition, hygiene, and basic health care.
Next, the team then took the younger children (around 40 of them) on a play day to the park.
Games, crafts, dance, and God stories made for a wonderful day with the kids
that won't be forgotten by any of us.
Last but not least, we took the older students (around 35) to Awasa for a three day retreat.
We had the chance to go swimming, play soccer, do crafts and play games,
and most importantly hear from God about His direction and promises
for the lives of these students and pray for His work in their lives.
Jeremiah 29:11 served as our focus for the retreat.
God is doing a great work in these students already.

I pray some day each of you will have the opportunity to join us in Ethiopia. So to all of you who sponsor children and support our ministry, I say thank you so much. Or as they say in Ethiopia, Ameseginalehu! 

Submitted by Pastor Dennis Hadley