Update from Ethiopia

Sherry is currently in Ethiopia. She just returned to Addis Ababa from a successful trip over to Dire Dawa where she was able to make agreement to partner in ministry with the local Church to launch the ministry to rescue young girls off streets who had chosen a life of prostitution out of sheer desparation. Transformation Love will be providing job skills training for these young girls to start businesses. We will be providing micro loans and seed money to get the businesses started. Most importantly, working through the Church we will be providing teaching of the Truth and prayer support to bring healing and transformation through the love of Jesus Christ.

She has been trying to meet with each of the 57 children currently beign sponsored through Transformation Lvoe and she is meeting and building profiles for an additional 50 children that we hope to get sponsorship for in the future. So be looking for those children to appear on our website in the coming monthes. Thank you for your prayers and support to Sherry and to Transformation Love.

Sherry is in Ethiopia

Sherry arrived in Ethiopia today. She is over there to meet with our ministry partners, the Church and the children and their families. Please pray for God's hand and blessings to be over this trip, the ministry, and these precious women and children. She plans to be in Ethiopia for three weeks.

A Story from the streets of Addis Ababa

Attached is an unedited letter sent to us from Nebiyu about a woman reaching out for help from Transformation Love through Addis Kidan Baptist Church in Addis Ababa. This woman and her children's story is typical and ramped in Africa.
Nebiyu writes, The street life is very challenging and miserable especially for a woman who has young daughters. "Formerly, I used to live on the street because I had no other options to survive,” explained Almaz. "I am from Arba Minch, which is about 550 km far from Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia." She goes on to explain, "I used to live in the small village around Arba Minch. I had a great desire to help my parents and myself. While I was in this mind, I met a woman that can find a job for me in Addis Ababa. She promised to give me a job in Addis Ababa. After a while, I decided to come with her and work in Addis Ababa. Unfortunately, she did not have the capacity to find a job for me even; she lives in the very crowded house with in an uncomfortable situation. That situation made me to search a job and work for survival. I lived with her for two years by working small activities to generate income for my own expense. At that time,she introduced me with Dawit. After a while, I gave my first baby from Dawit in 2005.I got a daughter and her name is Kalkidan. In Addis Ababa, there is a trend to increase the price of the house rent, if the family size is increased. Because of this, the price of the house rent was increased and I could not be able to pay the house rent. So I obliged to live on the street. It was very hard to me to begin life on the street with my baby. it was the only option to live, and thus street become my home. In order to prevent the wind, the sun, and the rain, I made a shelter on the street beside the fence of somebody’s compound. Even if, I made a plastic shelter, I always feel cold when the weather turned into colder especially, at the nighttime. Moreover, I had faced different challenges in different time. In order to make life easy, it was a must to work during the day time but the street boys and girls come and took the night cloths and the materials that I used to cook the food. There was also a problem in the nighttime. The street men come to me in order to satisfy their desire and mate me forcefully. For this reason, I started to live with some other street women. Unintentionally, I became pregnant and gave birth to Meron in 2008. At that time, I could not work anything because I had to look after for my daughters. So I decided to beg the people who walk on the street to get money for food. When I was living in this situation, one day five ladies came to my shelter and told me as they wanted to help me. I agreed with them and they took me the house where they rented for me. Now I am so happy because I have no fear whether it is dry season or rainy season. The weather does not make me think a lot. They promised to me as they will cover my room expense until I become self-sufficient. In addition, they told me to contact Transformation Love ministry in order to get further support in physically, socially and spiritually. Currently, Kalkidan is 5 years old and Meron is 2 ½ years old. I did not get a sponsor who can cover my daughter’s school and food expense."

Almaz needs immediate support to save the life of herself and her daughters. If she continues in living such kind of situation, she is very young and the probability of giving more births is very high. This situation affects her and her children life badly.

These are the kind of stories we hear and personally witness while in Ethiopia. It is our hope and prayers that we will continue to find ways to help these woman and their children through Child Sponsorship, Micro Loans, Job Training, and most importantly, hope in Jesus.

Next Trip to Ethiopia

Sherry will be heading to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on September 20th to continue the ministry development and to follow-up with our partners at Mekanisa Addis Kidan Baptist Church and check in with the children being sponsored. She will have opportunity to meet and develop profiles for more children as we only have six children left needing sponsorship. She plans to make a trip to Dire Dawa as well to take the next steps in the development of a ministry in that city with a local church and our partners at the Horn of Africa Mission. She has also been invited to a conference in Kenya where they are working in the slums so she may be making a side trip to Nairobi. Please pray for Sherry during this trip. Pray for protection, for provision, for wisdom in decisions and that God will use her in all of the opportunities He places in front of her for ministry. If you would like to be a part of a future trip contact us as we are planning to take teams in Febraury 2011 and possibly to both Ethiopia and Kenya in the summer of 2011

56 Children Now Sponsored! Praise God and Thank You All

Thank God that 12 more children have been sponsored this weekend. Transformation Love now has a total of 56 children being sponsored in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Great Event Today!

The Golf Tournament was a great success today. We had beautiful weather and a great day of golf. Thanks for all your prayers over this event. We thank God for Evergreen Valley Church and all of those players and sponsors who helped us raise around $6K for Transformation Love Ministries.

9/11 Prayer Request

Please join us in praying for our big event tomorrow on 9/11 as we have the opportunity this weekend to raise awareness and raise money for our work in Ethiopia for Transformation Love. Pray that God will bring forth more child sponsors as well this weekend.

42 Children Sponsored as of Today!

As of today, we now have 42 children sponsored through Transformation Love in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it for me." Matthew 25:40 Thank you for reaching out to children in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.