More Children Coming!

God is working so wonderfully through His people. We now have 61 children receiving sponsorship through Transformation Love. We have all but one child sponsored now. We are praying that God will lead someone to sponsor Yohanes very soon. While in Ethiopia, Sherry interviewed and accepted 75 more children into the Transformation Love Child Sponsorship program through Addis Kidan Baptist Church and are currently working on putting together there stories now. Look for those precious children to appear on our website soon .

Let me share a brief story of the struggles and strife many of these children face. One little girl Sherry interviewed while in Ethiopia lives in a make shift shanty on the side of the road near the church. In addition to facing hunger, cold, and what seems like no hope for the future, she was attacked overnight and raped. So now in addition to all the trials of life she faces, she now has memories that no child should ever have to deal with. Your child sponsorship through Transformation Love will give her, and children like her food, education, medical attention, a safe place to belong and most importantly hope through Jesus Christ. Something each and everyone of us need. Thank you for your support to Transformation Love. We are just getting started.