Meet Meheret - One of the many lives touched by Transformation Love

The following story is from a recent interview with Meheret, a young girl sponsored through Transformation Love. Meheret is now a Jesus follower and her life has been touched by God through the ministry of Transformation Love. She is a 14 year old girl who lost her mother when she was only one. Meheret is  the youngest of five children all born in a small, rural village and she is in the ninth grade.  
Meheret says, “I always miss my mother. I wouldn’t have been so lonely had she been alive. My father was not good enough or active enough to fill the gap that created by my mother’s death.  Don’t ask me about what I miss as a result of my mother’s death.  I don’t mean about clothing and material things. I was so young that I wouldn’t have imagined what it means to lose your mother; it means a big hole in my life. My mother died when I was a little girl. I don’t remember how and why she died. I don’t remember anything about my father because I left the village when I was seven years old and came to Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.  I grew up under the guardianship of an Evangelist who is a friend of my uncle.

Due to the situation that I was living in, I cry when my friends tell me about the time they spent with their father and mother and about the cloths their parents have bought them. When there is any discussion about parent-child relationships, or when I see a father taking care of his child. When anyone attacks me verbally, I have become a very sensitive child who cries very easily.

I would like to thank the Evangelist and his wife who brought me from the village to Addis and became my father and mother. I’m grateful and happy to live with this wonderful family. They helped me to forget my family. Above all, I am thankful because I was able to learn the word of God in baptism class under Transformation Love program. My life began to change slowly but steadily. Because of the word of God I am learning, that what used to look like a dark future to me has turned into a bright and glorious one. The Lord became a mother, a father, and a relative to me. Not only is my life changed today, but the way that I live is changed. In the future, I fully believe that my life is going to change even more. And so I would like to serve the Lord by singing because he has given me honor that I didn’t deserve. I would like to thank my sponsor for their prayer and financial support. May God bless you abundantly."

This young lady is currently sponsored by a children’s Sunday School class of Evergreen Valley Church in San Jose California. Transformation Love continues to be blessed by so many who have come up with sacrificial, creative ways to help these wonderful children in Ethiopia. To each of you we say thanks. As Meheret said, "May God bless you abundantly."