One more story about how God works!

This week we were blessed at a fundraiser dinner held for Transformation Love by Evergreen Valley Church in San Jose. Sherry had the opportunity to share about the ministry of child sponsorship and specifically about our upcoming trip to begin a new micro-loan process. She shared how $600 would provide funds to start a new sewing business venture for the women. Following the dinner, a friend of ours came forward in tears of joy and shared how she gives 10% of her earnings from a small embroidery business she has to ministry purposes. Even though she had not yet told us, she said that a few weeks ago she decided that she would be giving that 10%  to Transformation Love. Her earnings are unpredicatable and often small. However, she just received a job that she is working on that pays $6,000 and of course, 10% is $600, the exact amount we had determined that it will take to start a micro loan for the sewing ministry in Ethiopia. That is how God works and continues to bless and provide for His people. Thanks to everyone who continues to pray for and support this amazing ministry.