We love our volunteers!

Today I just felt a need to say thank you to all our our volunteers. Volunteers, you are a blessing to Sherry and I and to God! Transformation Love operates with the support of 16 Ethiopian volunteers and 13 American volunteers. In fact our entire organization in America is ran exclusively by volunteers. Additionally we have two paid Ethiopian staff members who are so amazing. We thank God for them all.

 God bless you all, Dennis

I also want to thank all of you who continue to support our ministry through prayer, child sponsorship and by giving your financial gifts to the ministry. We are so blessed to have support coming from eight different states. Transformation Love is doing a great work through the above mentioned volunteers and through your gifts. You can give a tax deductible gift online through this website by clicking the donate button on the right side of the home page or send your gift to Transformation Love at 6979 Del Rio Drive San Jose, CA 95119.