Jesus Loves the Children!

Tonight I was just setting here in my recliner thinking about the beautiful children in the Korah area of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. These children's lives and the lives of their families have been affected dramatically by HIV, which in many ways is a modern day leprosy.
My mind went to the love Jesus and how he demonstrated that love over and over again when he walked the earth 2,000 years ago and how he was moved with compassion when he saw people hurting and needing a touch of healing and love. I am certain if Jesus were walking the earth today he would be led to reach out and touch the lives of the children in Korah.

Earlier today I was reflecting on a story from the gospel of Mark in chapter 1:40-42. I read how Jesus was pursued by a man with leprosy who begged him to make him clean. The bible says Jesus was "filled with compassion", so he did the unthinkable, "he reached out his hand and touched the man." Back then the thought of touching the untouchable (a leper) was unthinkable. But that is exactly what Jesus did and that is what he is still doing today. He healed the man but perhaps more importantly is that he showed him compassion and the full extent of his love by seeing beyond the sickness and seeing the person.

Jesus is still reaching out and  he is still touching those who need it most and those who remain untouchable and of no value to many in the world. But Jesus is using his people to reach out and touch lives. Through the wonderful staff and volunteers of Transformation Love, lives are being touched and healed and the love of Jesus is flowing to the people of Ethiopia.

Your support to our ministry allows us to be his hands and feet and his love on display.

Thank you and may God bless you in abundance, Pastor Dennis Hadley - Transformation Love