A Transformation Love Story

The following story is a true testimony of the way Transformation Love is changing lives through the transforming love of Jesus Christ. We have changed the names for the protection of this family. This is Tigist and Kalkidan’s story.
Tigist was a very young girl when she married and just 5 months after her child, Kalkidan was born, her husband left her. Tigist worked as a maid but since she had contracted HIV through her husband and she was now very sick and tired and having great difficulty working and also caring for her baby as a single mom.
Kalkidan a young baby was also sick, having contracted the HIV virus as well from birth. Kalkidan got so sick and she was hospitalized for 21 days at only 8 months old.
Sick and desperate, Tigist became a beggar. A man in the area offered her a free place to stay which appeared on the surface a blessing. However it quickly became clear that his motives were evil. He began to rape Tigist and harm her baby daughter Kalkidan as well causing a serious threat to Kalkidan’s health.
Eventually out of desperation, Tigist came to Transformation Love. One of our volunteer social workers shared the love of Jesus and prayed over her and she became a follower of Jesus.
Knowing she wanted to follow Jesus, the man she was staying with now refused to allow her to go to church. She had become a prisoner and abused slave. She would on occasion however, sneak away when he was not around and go to church.
While our Transformation Love team was visiting her home we discovered the truth about their situation and the abuse she and her daughter were suffering. She came to worship with our team from Transformation Love and that day we found her sponsorship and a home. You see God placed on the heart of one of our own beneficiaries, a mother of a sponsored child who had already experienced the love of God, to take Tigist and Kalkidan into her home. Transformation Love quickly mobilized a team of people and we moved her into this safe home away from this evil man. We got Kalkidan immediate medical attention. And now, through our sponsorship program, Kalkidan and Tigist have food to eat, clean clothing, safe shelter and they have found Jesus. Indeed, they have a new life!
But the story doesn’t end there. As is common in Ethiopia, her family was not happy with her decision to become a Christian. Her sister was very angry and began to persecute her, telling her to turn from Jesus. Instead of denying her faith, Tigist remained faithful to God. God brought health and healing to her and her daughter. Since then she has moved into her own home with Kalkidan. Kalkidan attends Sunday school, has new clothes, is eating right, and is full of joy. Her mother is connected in one of our small groups and growing in grace and truth. All the while, her sister has witnessed the love and power of Jesus in their lives and has since become a follower of Jesus as well.
Now, Kalkidan’s health has improved and she has hope. Tigist is grateful to God and is now serving Him as a faithful witness in the Kore area of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. And God’s glory is shining in Ethiopia.
Isn’t it amazing what a little love can do?
Unfortunately, their story is not unusual. Sickness, hunger, rape, persecution and hopelessness are all too common among the HIV+ women and children of Ethiopia, especially in the Kore area.
So to those of you who are sponsoring children through Transformation Love, we thank you and God bless you. You are changing lives.
To those who might be considering supporting our ministry or sponsoring a child right now think of it this way, God’s heart is for the orphans and the widows, the sick and the poor, the captives and the hopeless. Had Transformation Love not been able to step in at the exact time and provide the help needed to Kalkidan and her mother, she may not be around on the day of this letter writing. But because of Jesus working through Transformation Love and the faithfulness of our sponsor, she is happy and healthy and getting to know Jesus in a real and personal way.

Thank you,
Transformation Love
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“The kind of Religion that is pure and acceptable to God is this,
to care for the orphans and widows in their distress.”  James 1:27