Honoring our Women of Transformaiton in the Dire Dawa Ministry

We are pleased to announce that the twelve women, rescued from a life on the streets, have completed their training phase and will now begin their new businesses. These twelve women are joined together in a Transformation Love discipleship group and as they are growing spiritually and emotionally, the are also encouraging one another and serving together. Transformation Love has paid for their schooling and is offering grants to begin and sustain their new sewing business. Sherry Hadley is in Ethiopia with these women this month and I am posting a note she sent just today.

"We had a very beautiful graduation party on Saturday morning for our Women of Transformation in Dire Dawa. The day started off with 12 beautiful women arriving dressed at their best.....hair done and all dressed up and gorgeous smiles. After all the guests arrived..we dressed the 12 up in black graduation gowns and caps. They walked in simply beautiful. Ahhhh, what a moment.....I spent time thinking and reflecting back at where these 12 women were before, to how far they have come! Praising God for giving them the strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge and love to move forward in their lives. They have become so Christ-like and their faces are glowing and their lives radiate a pure true love of Christ.

We prayed over them and they received their diplomas and a gift of love from Transformation Love (Some Ethiopian Birr). I shared a message of encouragement with them, teased them a bit and told them that we (Transformation Love) are so proud of them and love them very much.

We celebrated by having a traditional Ethiopian Coffee ceremony and cake together. Then we talked to them about the next step for them. Now we have the honor and privilege to open a business with these 12 women and start micro-loans with them. We shared with them how they can work together on projects and to work together as a team. Praying for these women to remain women of God and to be bright lights for Jesus here in Dire Dawa.

Thank you God for a beautiful day for 12 beautiful women!

On behalf of Transformation Love......Congratulations, Women of Transformation in Dire Dawa, we love you so much. May God bless your future!" Sherry Hadley