A Sunday Morning Blessing from Kentucky

We recently had a mission team come to join us in our work from Kentucky. This is Sherry's account of the first day of blessing for our ministry.

Sunday morning, Rekik, Sammy and I wake up at 6:00 a.m. so we can greet the team arriving at 7:00 a.m. at the airport. We arrive at the airport at 6:50 a.m. and see that people are leaving the airport already!  Oh no!  We hope they didn’t arrive early and we missed them!  We park and run up to the exit ramp outside and wait.  Finally, 3 ½ hours later they are coming down the ramp.  The team didn’t realize we were going to meet them at the airport.  We wanted to surprise them!  We bought roses to give them, which have wilted now :(   
We really wanted to follow them to their guesthouse, so we would know where they are staying.  They walk down the ramp and I call out Tracie’s name and the team stops to say “hi” and we hug them and give them the wilted roses. We follow them to the guesthouse, say goodbye and make arrangements to pick them up at noon.

Rekik and I arranged for all of our Transformation Love sponsored kids (105) to be at the compound for the team to meet them.  Today the team is teaching all of our sponsored kids Sunday school!   The children started showing up early in the morning.  They are so excited to meet the team.  Finally after a long wait for the kids, team arrives at the compound.  Immediately the team is greeted with hugs and handshakes from all of our kids.  The love is being shared already!  I love our kids!  They are so full of LOVE!

We take the team into the office because they have a gift for Transformation Love.  I asked the team if they could bring over a couple of used laptop computers for our office.  They blessed us with 6 used laptop computers and one new Dell Laptop!  Rekik and I are so blessed, happy and surprised!  What a huge blessing this is!  Thank you, God, for blessing Transformation Love with all of these computers; we are so thankful to the team for this huge blessing given to Transformation Love – Ethiopia office.

Rekik and I soon realize they are not done blessing us!  The team starts to pull out all kinds of supplies for the office.  They brought crayons, markers, colored pencils, pencil sharpeners, stickers, construction paper, glue, books, puzzles, scissors, pencils, etc.  WOW!  Our cupboards were bare and now they are overflowing with LOVE!  Transformation Love – Ethiopia is being blessed and the team hasn’t even started working yet!  Praising God already for this wonderful team! 

The team goes outside and starts playing with the kids.   I brought soccer balls and jump ropes with me that the kids are already playing with and the team brought Frisbees and balloons.  The kids love playing with the team and all of the new toys.  It is a wonderful way to get acquainted.  Some of the team made balloon hats and animals for the kids.  They can’t make them fast enough!  Everyone wants one!  What a joy it is to see our kids so happy and having a blast with the team.  They taught the kids an awesome Sunday school lesson and gave them a coloring activity.

A.J. and Tracie (the leaders of the team) ask me if their little guy they sponsor is here.  We found him and Rekik told him A.J. and Tracie are his sponsors and you should have seen his face!  He pointed to himself and said, “My sponsors?”  We told him yes and his eyes got as big as half dollars and his smile went from ear to ear.  He runs up to them smiling and gave them both hugs.  Tracie is a little teary eyed and A.J. is amazed because he had been playing Frisbee with him and didn’t even realize it was the child he is sponsoring.  What a wonderful surprise for all three of them.  The three of them were thrilled to finally meet each other face to face.

The team is exhausted from just flying in, so we made it is a shorter day for work.  They blessed us beyond measure already.  It is time to take them out for a quick dinner and back to the compound for rest.  Thank you God for blessing us with so much of your love today!  WOW!