The story continues... an afternoon of God moments with Transformation Love

Saturday afternoon, we are back at the compound after a lovely time with our teens at the conference.  Rekik and I have thirty minutes to prepare for our Transformation Love meeting with all of our beneficiary women.  We called this meeting to inform them about the activities the team is doing with them.  I say a quick prayer because it is very cloudy and it looks like it is going to pour down rain any minute.  We are meeting outside for this meeting because we don’t have a room that will hold everyone.  Please God, don’t let it rain until we are done with our meeting.
 I can’t wait for the women to arrive!  This is my first time seeing most of them since I arrived on Wednesday.  I love being with these beautiful women, but I am wondering if Eman will come.  She promised she would come for all of the team activities and would attend this meeting.  I wait anxiously as the women start arriving.  I love greeting all of our women with Ethiopian hugs (it is a kiss on one cheek and then the other cheek and back to the first cheek again).  I am always amazed with the love that we have for each other.  We certainly have a beautiful love for each other which God has given us.  It is a love that is so amazing.

As I am greeting our women one by one, I hear a knock at our gate.  I look up and it is Eman!  Praise God she is here!  Thank you, God.  We both run up to each other and hug and kiss Ethiopian style.  She says to me in English, I love you.  Those words melted my heart!  I whispered back in her ear, I love you too.  Then she walks over to a chair and sits down.  My heart is so full of joy to see her again.

We start the meeting and tell the women about the schedule for the next nine days.  They are all so excited to have a team coming to spend all this time with them.  It has been ten months since the last team was here with them.  This is really a special treat for them!  We serve them soda and just enjoy fellowship with each other.  Just catching up on what has happened the past three months in our lives.  Ethiopians really know how to fellowship, that is for sure.  I love this quality about them.
After everyone leaves, Eman comes into our office.  She sits in a chair in front of Rekik’s desk.  She starts telling Rekik that she is very sick.  The medicine for this cancer is making her very nauseous.  She is crying and says she is sick right now, but she really wanted to come, so she forced herself to come here.  Now Dawit has just arrived from the teen conference, totally exhausted.  I looked at him and asked him if he would pray over her.  He looked at me and said yes.  I turned to Eman and asked her if Dawit could pray for healing over her and she agreed.  Dawit got up and told me to come with him.  I told Dawit I have never done this before.  He just took Eman by the hand and walked to my bedroom with her and I followed.  He asked me to close the door.
Dawit places one hand on her forehead and his other hand on the back of her neck.  He looks up to God, closes his eyes and starts praying for her.  I stood behind her with one hand on her shoulder and my other hand lifted up to God and started praying the way I knew how.  Eman is wobbly and receptive to the prayer.  After Dawit was done praying for her, she started crying and telling him all she wants is to be healed so she can see her baby grow up and become a man.  Dawit tells her all about Jesus and how much he loves her.  That Jesus is the only one that can answer her prays, help her and heal her.  She is resting her head on Dawit’s shoulder crying, he has his arm around her shoulder, as he is talking to her with so much love and truth.  He is so full of compassion and a Christ-like love.  She asks Dawit if he is telling her to believe.  Dawit tells her no, I am telling you to cry out to God and ask Him to show her the truth.  She is silent and then replies with an “ish” which means “okay.”
Eman thanks us for praying for her.  I give her some money so she can buy some protein to eat before she takes her medicine.  This will keep her from getting sick from the medication she is taking.  We go back into the office and I told her we would take her home.  She was so happy to hear this because she lives so far away.  Sammy, Dawit, Eman and I get into the car and we start to drive her home.  She reaches over and holds my hand and smiles.
I look out the back side window and look up to God in the sky and just thank Him for this time with Eman.  At that very moment the sky opens up and sun rays started shining through.  I hear God saying she will come to know the truth and the light.  I quickly told Dawit (who had my camera) to take a picture of the sun peaking out of the clouds.  God just spoke to me through these clouds and I wanted a picture of them!  I smile and thank God for this beautiful message.  I look at Eman and squeeze her hand gently.  She smiles back at me. 

We arrive at Eman’s compound and we hug good-bye and she tells us to wait.  She runs into the compound and quickly returns with her baby in her arms, full of smiles.  She opens my car door and places Amar (her baby) in my lap.  He is such a handsome little guy.  I hug him and kiss him.  Dawit takes our picture together.  Then I hug him and hand him back to his mom and say goodbye.

We slowly drive away.  Wow!  What an amazing day this has been.  Thank you God for allowing me to experience you in a very close and intimate way today, you have truly blessed me today.  Thank you for sharing your love.  I am so blessed by you.  I pray you bless this team that is coming tomorrow with you love too.