Student Ministry - Ethiopian Style

On Saturday morning my son, Dawit (from our Transformation Love Sponsorship program) invited me to his Youth Fellowship Conference.  This conference has five church youth groups attending that day.  I love ministering to teenagers, so I was really looking forward to attending this event.

Arriving at 9:00 a.m., Rekik and I walked into a fairly large sized church, River of Life Church, which is full of Junior and Senior High School students.  Guessing 120 to 150 youth have their heads bowed and are praying.  We quickly took our seats and joined them in prayer.  They prayed, lifting their hands up to God and crying (literally) out to God for an hour.  WOW!  You can feel the Holy Spirits presents so powerfully in the room.  It is an awesome experience. 

We quickly moved into worship, Ethiopian style!  The teens invited a guest singer and everyone is on their feet jumping, dancing, clapping and singing praises to God!  The entire room is so full of joy, praise and worship.  I don’t understand the Amharic Language very well and my spirit is so full of joy, praise and is worshipping God right along with them.  Oh my, these teens are so on fire for their Lord and Savior!  It is amazing!  I don’t even have words to describe what is going on right now. 
Phew!  You have to watch this video and you will understand what I mean.   
Dawit (my son), 16 years old, is called to be a pastor.  God is already using him in mighty and powerful ways.  This quiet, shy young man gets up, all dressed up in his black suit, smiling and walks up onto the stage.  He takes the microphone and shares a message to us about Jesus’ love for us.  Everyone is engaged listening.  He tells them God will never turn His back on them.  They are never alone, God is always there with them and for them.  The teens moved by God’s message to them through Dawit.  Some of them are crying.  Many are responding with “Amen.”   God is really moving and speaking to these teens. 

Dawit and four other young men move to the front of the stage and teens one by one are coming up to be prayed over.  Now I don’t know if you have ever experienced an Ethiopian altar call, but it is powerful!  These five young men each took one teen at a time.  My eyes are fixed on Dawit, he places one hand on the forehead and one hand on the back of the neck, he looks up to the sky, closes his eyes and starts praying for this teenage girl.  In a very short time this teen is falling back.  I am thankful a young man is standing behind her to catch her fall and gently lays her on the floor.  She is limp and not moving at all.  Dawit still is praying over her casting some sort of evil out of her.  He is blowing in her face several times and praying for her to be set free.  Finally she is moving her head.  They help her sit up and Dawit helps her walk out of the church.  He talks to her and prays over her some more.  They both come back into the church and Dawit takes another teen and he starts all over again. 

This is so amazing to see the Holy Spirit moving in these teens.  You can feel His presence so strongly in the room.  My eyes fill with tears and I just bow my head and start praying for all of these teens.  I pray that God will set them free from all their strongholds, from their sins, from their selfish desires, from the worlds desires, to cleans and purify them and to make them like Jesus. 

One of the young men walk up to Rekik and I with oil in his hands, he takes Rekik’s hands and oils them and then prays over her.  Then he takes my hands and oils them and prays over me.  The Holy Spirit is moving in me and is speaking to me very clearly.  He joins Rekik and my hands together and asks us if we are working together.  We say yes.  He tell us the Spirit told him this and he prays for us and our work together in Transformation Love.   He tell us he sees a big full circle and it was blocking us and now God is allowing us to break through.  God is moving Transformation Love forward and we are to follow Him.  Rekik and I look at each other with tears in our eyes.  We hug each other and both say, God is answering our prayers!  Halleluiah, Praise God!  Thank you, Jesus!  May we both be your faithful servants!  We are both so amazed that a young man (15 or 16 years old) can pray for us like that.  We are so blessed and moved.

I look at my watch and see it is 2:00 p.m.  Time went by so quickly.  The conference ends at 2:30 p.m.  Praise God, more than 30 teens are set free and are smiling with a new beginning.  I am renewed and revived.  This was so worth coming to, not only to support my sons work, but to be blessed by God too.  Thank you God for allowing me to see you at work in and through these teens!    

All of our teens in Transformation Love are attending this fellowship youth group that Dawit leads.  They are all growing and maturing into very strong Christians.  The faith they have in God is absolutely amazing.  Please keep them in your prayers as they surrender their lives to God and follow Him.

 Later this day Eman arrived at our compound around 3:00pm. You will hear what happened next in our next post.