Report from Sherry Hadley – Transformation Love in Ethiopia

Hable Shimeles - Transformation Love Student
Our first home visit we are going to Hable’s home because her mother is very sick.  She has been sick for 2 months now.  I want to see what is wrong with her and how I can help her.  Hable’s mom is HIV+ which means her immune system is very weak from the virus.  I pray that God will protect this mother and heal her from her sickness.  

When we arrive at her home she is squatting over her charcoal burner, fanning the charcoal to keep it going and chopping onions, garlic and tomatoes.  My guess, she is making Shuro for dinner.  She is very weak and moves slowly and is in a lot of pain.  When I looked into her eyes they radiated pain and misery.  She greets us with the traditional hugs and kisses, which I just love!
She invites us in and we all sit down.  Her home is very small (6’ X 9’), with a small bed and two small benches.  I sit at the foot of her bed and we tell her to lie down on her bed and relax.  She climbs up onto her bed very slowly in extreme pain!  Her face is scrunching up and she is breathing very shallow and fast, panting like in labor.
Rekik asks her what is wrong.  She tells us she has a boil on her anus and it has been growing for two months.  It is about the size of a small orange now.   She went to the hospital two months ago, but she refused treatment.  I ask her why.  She doesn’t want to leave Hable and her little brother alone in the house for one week, while she receives treatment.  This mother is afraid someone will notice they are alone and break-in and rape Hable in the middle of the night.  So now she is in extreme pain and suffering because she is protecting her daughter.  What an example of LOVE!
I tell her to go to the doctor and that if she needs to go to the hospital for a week or two to get well, I will take care of her children at the church compound.   She is very happy to hear that I will do that for her.  I made her promise me she will go to the doctor tomorrow.  I left her some money for the doctor’s visit and told her to let us know what the doctor wants her to do.  She promised me she would call us.
Part Two:
Hable’s mother went to the doctor the next morning.  The doctor ran some tests and the results are not good.  She has a kidney infection and kidney stones too, on top of the painful boil.  They gave her a prescription for some strong antibiotics.  I am so thankful that I am here to pay for her antibiotic, because it was 500 birr and I know she would not have been able to purchase the medication by herself.  She is on the waiting list for surgery at the Alert hospital.  This is a free hospital for HIV+ patients but the wait is unbelievable at times.  I have heard that kidney stones are one of the most painful things to suffer from and by looking at her face I believe it is.  Please pray for Hable’s mother.  She needs this surgery very soon.  It is so sad to see her in so much pain.  I did check to see how much it would be for her to have the surgery at another hospital.  It would be thousands of birr, so she has no other choice than to wait until the free hospital can get her in. 

Sherry's Prayer: Dear God, show this mother your love and mercy.  Please get her into the hospital quickly.  You can move the mountains, God, so please move the mountains in front of her so she can get the medical treatment she needs.   Put the right surgeons in her care, open up the bed for her and provide for her, God.  Place your healing hand upon her body.  You are the almighty healer and I pray that you will heal this woman completely, God.  To you be all the glory!  I ask this in your name, Jesus.   AMEN!