Tragedy Strikes Ethiopia and Transformation Love

Saturday, March 11 a horrible tragedy hit Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A landslide at the garbage dump crushed many huts that people lived in and has left behind dozens dead and hundreds missing. At the writing of this post, reports list the death toll at 82 and climbing.

Transformation Love has built our ministry around this dump and that is the primary location we work. Almost every family we minister to has experienced loss of family, friends or neighbors.

Two of our families have been hit directly and their homes have been destroyed.

These two beautiful young sisters, Kalkidan and Meron and their mother are still missing as of the time of this post. I remember playing with these children on many occasions and my heart hurts as I look at these photos and remember their hugs. We hope and pray that God will rescue them.

Meron and Kalkidan - Transformation Love Sponsored Children

Also at the time of this post, we are aware that Bereket's mother has been killed. Bereket and his sisters are still missing. Bereket loves to play soccer with the boys at Transformation Love and we hope and pray he has somehow survived.

Bereket - Transformation Love Child Sponsorship

If you want to learn more about the incident you can read from the Aljazeer news network:
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