Transformation Love's Supply Distribution

In April, Sherry made a trip to Ethiopia to distribute needed supplies to our families.
Our families were anxiously awaiting for their distribution of supplies.
A big truck load of teff arrives at the compound.
Teff is a staple used to make Injera, Injera is their Ethiopian bread.
Workineh, our great project manager arranged all the supplies for the distribution before Sherry arrived.
He did an excellent job finding top quality supplies for our families. 

The scale is ready for weighing the hundred kilo bags of teff.

First they weigh the man and then they weigh the man holding the bag.
Then they take the man's weight off of the total weight from the scale, to make sure it is a hundred kilos.

Semenge, our wonderful Social Worker, counts and checks in all twenty one bags.
Now they are dividing the hundred kilo bag into multiple bags
to give one to each family.

We choose the best quality of teff because we love them so much!
Solomon our guard and all around helper is weighing the bags. 

Each family receives teff, chickpeas (which is used to make Shuro), cooking oil, hair oil, all purpose liquid soap, body bar soap, bar laundry soap, and feminine products for the girls.
Everybody was so thankful for the distribution!