Answering the Need - Feeding the Women & Children

The needs among our people in Ethiopia have become greater than ever. Covid has hit Ethiopia hard, as it has our country. 

In addition to fighting off the sickness, the country is battling serious shortages and rising prices. 

The problem has been amplified because of the recent civil unrest and war that has broken out in Ethiopia. 

All of this has become a serious concern and hindrance to people getting food and much needed supplies. 

Transformation Love continues to do all we can to aid the people. 

Recently we were able to secure a truckload of teff, the grain used to make injera, their primary source of nutrition. 

We were able to distribute significant portions to all of our Transformation Love families thanks to the efforts of our team and the support of our sponsors. 

You can see from their smiles, the gratitude they have for your love and support.                     

Thank you all!