Child Sponsorship

Transformation Love Child Sponsorship Program

Transformation Love is reaching out to the poorest of poor in the Kore area of Addis Abba, Ethiopia. In this community, highly affected by HIV, Transformation Love child sponsorship brings hope and meets the real needs through the hard work and love of our local Ethiopian staff and volunteer team and the support of our American sponsors. Here in America, Transformation Love operates exclusively with volunteers and is a recognized tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) public charity.

Child Sponsorship provides for the most basic needs; food, education, medical care, clothing and shelter. These children come from families, mostly single mothers infected with HIV who are unable to provide for their family, making these children highly at risk themselves.

Through your tax-deductable sponsorship support of $35.00/month, Transformation Love will purchase grain and other important staples for the family to have food. We cover the cost for the child to go to school in Ethiopia, something they otherwise could not afford. We provide the child with regular medical checkups. Transformation Love provides new shoes and clothing on a regular basis to all of the children sponsored. In many cases, Transformation Love steps in to provide supplements to rent and a place for the child to stay.

Most importantly Transformation Love provides spiritual guidance and teaching. Children are provided with a regular ministry program to build them up, encourage and establish them in the love of Jesus Christ.

Helping the Mothers: Transformation Love also works with the Church to reach out to the mothers in the community, giving them hope and showing them the love of Jesus Christ. By connecting them in a Transformation Love small group, we help them grow strong in the Lord through discipleship opportunities and help them overcome the lies that have left them hurting and fearful. These women learn new life skills that enable them to move forward and become able to care and provide for their children.

Sponsor A Child for $35 per month!

For additional information regarding Transformation Love Child Sponsorship, contact Sherry directly. at or 408-693-7996.